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ZM Hygrotherm Humid & Temp Controller HT-10UK


The HygroThermÔäó is a Thermostat and Humidistat in one! It controls up to 1000 watts of combined temperature and humidity control devices. It has a 2-in-1 Remote Temperature/Humidity Sensor with 5 foot cable. Its great for use with Zoo Meds Repti FoggerÔäó Terrarium Humidifier or Habba Mist?« Automatic Misting Machine. The HygroThermÔäó has a nighttime temperature drop feature controlled by a photocell built in memory which stores settings in case of power failure and an alarm that can be set to flash when the temperature or humidity reaches extreme high or low levels. Controls temperature by turning on/off heating devices in HEAT mode or by turning on/off cooling devices (e.g. fan) in COOL mode. Temperature control range is 50??F to 122??F (10??C to 50??C). Humidity control range: 15% to 95% RH (Relative Humidity).