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WP Heat Guard & Reflector Earth Brown


The WhitePython Ceramic Heat Guard & Reflector is an entirely unique product which exclusively fits the WhitePython?áUltra Slim Heat Lamps. Compared to regular ceramic heat guards which often measure over 25cm tall the new combination of WhitePython products will reduce the overall height of your ceramic heating unit to just 16cm with a diameter of 14cm. WhatÔÇÖs more with a built in custom reflector dome your heater will become more energy efficient reducing the necessary output to achieve the required temperature whilst also reducing the heat that rises into the roof of the terrarium thereby reducing the possible risk of fire hazards. The Ceramic Heat Guard & Reflectors are available in 3 colours; Midnight Black Leaf Green and Earth Brown. They feature an outer guard to protect your reptile against possible burns an inner reflective dome to push heat downwards and finally a removable mesh grille on the base for easy access to the ceramic heater. Installation of this innovative heat guard is also made easy with the twist lock screw fittings. Unlike traditional heat guards where you need to struggle holding the unit in the terrarium whilst single handedly trying to screw through a small hole into the terrarium room WhitePython has made this easy. Simply mark the screw holes into the terrarium roof put the screws in leaving just a small gap then once your heat guard is ready to install simply place over the screws twist and then tighten. Easy.