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Vetark Defense Hand Sanitiser 200ml


Sanitising protective hand gel with antibacterial ingredient (Lactoferricin) specifically formulated to protect and thoroughly sanitise hands. To be used without rinsing when you are away from home and do not have soap or water available (when using public transport travelling in crowded places or when handling money). Active ingredients with bacteriostatic action and polymers with protective action combined with lactoferricin an innovative peptide enhance the protective and sanitising action of this hand gel. Fast-acting and non-greasy it leaves your hands feeling soft and fragrant. Helps prevent transmission of diseases between animals Ideal when nursing sick animals Great for use by visitors to your home or business Suitable for use in the home office or surgery to avoid cracked hands from frequent washing or out in the field. The animal owner or handler has been shown to be the major vector of disease transmission in many cases of disease therefore maintaining hand hygiene is essential for animal health.