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Venom Defender Gloves Large (Pair)


Venom Defender animal handling gloves have been successfully tested on highly venomous snake species such as King Cobra Black Mamba Gaboon Viper Rattlesnake Australian Elapids as well as Pit Vipers and True Vipers. Venom Defender animal handling gloves may also assist in protecting against serious laceration injuries that bites from large snakes such as Reticulated Python African Rock python Boas and Anacondas can inflict. Venom Defender gloves may also provide protection against the bites and scratches of large lizards such as Nile Monitor Lizard and Iguanas. Working safely with Venom Defender gloves will make all interactions a pleasure for you and your reptile. Originally we launched our product for the use of handling Venomous Snakes. Although not guaranteed to be puncture proof these gloves are puncture resistant and trusted by many experts. Venom Defender animal handling gloves are intended as an extra line of security and should not be taken as a substitute for good handling techniques. Even though the product-name suggests that these are to be used as a means of protection against venomous snakes and other reptiles its’ incredible protection combined with superb dexterity ensures that these gloves lend itself extremely well as a useful product for handling a wide range of other animals too; eg. Big Lizards Small Crocodilians Small Stingrays Small Sharks Seals Tiger & Cheetah Cubs Otters Meerkats Bats Monkeys & Primates Birds and Cats Dogs and other sharp toothed mammals. Animal Welfare a main feature of this product as when the handler feels safe and secure the animal becomes less stressed. Venom Defender animal handling gloves are machine washable and sanitizable and can be repeatedly washed and reused.