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ProBugs 10 PACK Eco Fresh Superworm 20g

Scientific name: Zophosba Description: Eco-Fresh Superworms - Zophobas morio is a darkling beetle and the larvae are known as superworms in the pet trade. Superworms are 2 inches in length and ?? inch in diameter! Reptiles birds fish and even chickens just love them! High in protein and Fats. Great for building & fatting up animal body mass. ?À Convenient serving size ?À Vacuum sealed to preserve moisture and flavour ?À As nutritious as live foods ?À Organically farmed raised-all natural without preservatives Sealed each pouch has an 18 month shelf life at room temperature. Opened each pouch is good for 5 days in the refrigerator Recommended for: ?À Lizards ?À Turtles ?À Frogs ?À Birds ?À Koi Quantity 20 grams per pouch Ingredients Superworms water Guaranteed Analysis Protein (min) 20.0% Fat (min) 15.0% Fiber (max) 5.0% Moisture (max) 58.0% Phosphorus (min) 0.2% Calcium (min) 0.1%