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PR Tortoise Dry Formula 400g FPT510


This complimentary feed provided by ProRep is a convenient and easy way to help compliment the diet for Mediterranean tortoises. With added natural scents and colours to aid palatability and calcium and vitamin D3 for health this low protein high fibre feed is formulated with all natural ingredients. Suitable for all tortoises or herbivorous reptiles when used as part of a balanced and controlled diet. A great source of fibre vitamins and minerals. Feeding instructions: Tortoises prefer a varied and colourful diet this food can be used daily in conjunction with natural weeds and plants when added as part of a controlled and varied diet for tortoises and herbivorous and omnivorous reptiles. Place the food into a shallow dish and place in the enclosure. Let the tortoise eat as much as it can within an hour and replace 2 to 3 times a day. Can be moistened to help with palatability. Always feed tortoises a mixed and varied diet with plenty of fresh leaves and plants particularly in the spring and early summer.