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MK ADVANCED Misting System v5.0


Advanced Misting System - 5th generation Mistking misting systems are renowned for their high quality and impeccable reliability making them a popular choice for Zoo’s private hobbyists and botanical gardens around the world. Perfect for Amphibians Chameleons and Bio-active planted enclosures. The 5th generation of the Mistking provides exceptional performance with a robust pump and improved seconds timer to ensure reliable misting when it is needed. Being a modular system allows for further customisation offering a flexible approach to a hobbyists growing collection. The 5th generation Advanced Misting System comes with a large capacity diaphragm pump powering a 3/8 system and offering significantly more power than the starter and ultimate systems. Features an impressive pump capable of pressures up to 125psi and can support up to 70+ nozzles that can run continuously for hours at a time EVEN DRY! These pumps are manufactured specifically for MistKing. Comes with 10 fine misting nozzles second’s timer and much more. • Large capacity diaphragm pump with 3/8” fittings • 24V Power adapter - 110V • 3/8” reservoir bulkhead with plug • 3/8” Ball Valve • 35 feet of 1/4” black opaque tubing • 15 feet of 3/8” black opaque tubing • 12 Value “T” Misting Assemblies • 3 Value “L” Misting Assemblies • 2 Reducing Tee Connections (3/8” to 1/4”) • 1 Reducing Elbow Connections (3/8” to 1/4”) • 20 1/4” Tubing Clips • 10 3/8” Tubing Clips • Seconds timer ST-24 • Installation instructions