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#Microclimate EVO Thermostat #EURO PLUG#


Fitted with Euro Plugs and sockets. The ground-breaking Evo is the first touch-screen digital thermostat designed specifically for controlling the environment in reptile enclosures and brings many exciting new features. The Evo has 2 outputs and a maximum load of 1200W (600W per channel). The main channel can be set to operate as a dimmer pulse or on/off thermostat whilst the Aux channel can be set to operate as an on/off stat or timed controller and channel names can be customised as too can the thermostat name itself! In addition both channels can be set to heating or cooling or for fixed control. The Evo has a choice of 4 different time zone settings so that several naturalistic temperature periods can be set throughout the day - either Constant (one) Day/Night (two) Multi Control (four) or Periodic Control (output activated only for specific periods - you can choose the hours of operation). Great features include the 180 degree display rotation so that users can select whether to have cable exits on the right or left of the unit and a self-updating temperature-history graph that shows the last 24 hours' recorded temperatures enabling heater strength suitability and operation can be checked. Security features include customisable acoustic and visual alarms to indicate over or under temperature a locking feature on the display to prevent accidental changes to settings being made and an external fuse on the base unit to protect the internal components from damage due to external faults or spikes in power supply. There is even a shop-display mode that can be activated to show off the various display screens!