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Microclimate EVO LITE White


Say Hello to the Microclimate EVO’s Little Brother. Presenting the EVO Lite its an EVO only smaller no more separate screen and processor it all fits in to a box the size of a B1 dimmer stat. The EVO lite is a fully customisable touch screen single channel colourful version of its big brother. Choose your colour fluorescent green fluorescent pink royal blue cadburys purple white or good old black. Not only can you choose the colour of the box you can also change the colour of the on-screen text and boxes love pink buy a pink one and make the text pink buy a green one and make the text purple the choice is yours! As well as these fun features the EVO lite still comes with all the features you would expect it can be a dimmer stat a pulse stat or an on/off stat. It has a day/night setting a constant temperature setting and a multi time zone setting. The multi function allows you to give your herp a truly natural set up it has 4 different programmable time zones and each one can be set at a different temperature. With this you can replicate the temperature rises and falls that would happen during the day in a herptiles natural environment. On top of all of this the EVO light now comes with 2m power and socket leads 2.5m sensor lead can handle up 600w and still comes with the Microclimate 5 year guarantee.