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Mega Ray Metal Halide Lamp 70w PAR38 5K Wide Beam


Mega-Ray Metal Halide have been rigorously tested in the field for almost 2 years and serum vitamin D3 testing completed and continued testing is being done at one of the leading zoos in the USA. These bulbs have proven to be useful in D3 production for 12-18 months with little loss in brightness (LUX) or in UVB-A. These bulbs are extremely bright and much more like the natural sun after 8 or 9 AM in the morning and should not be considered for use for the complete 12 hr photo period and should only be used in the over head position. 8 hours a day is more then sufficient for the new Mega-Ray?« Halide. Lamps in basking areas should be on multiple timers to allow a more natural lighting effect. As an example; Halogen on in basking area at 7am Halide and additional heat (halogen or heat projector) on at 8:30am 5000K tube daylight fluorescents at 10am and off in the opposite order during the afternoon. This will reduce stress and prolong the life of any captive creature.