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LR Humidity Control II HC-2UK


The Humidity Control 2 is a digital device which fulfills all wishes and that at a price not seen before. It has two circuits which allow for different settings for day and night. A realtime clock is included which allows switching between day and night mode by time which you can define as desired. In addition a timer is integrated which allows two ON/OFF settings by realtime clock. The minimum time period for the timer is one minute. Other features are an alarm function (visual and sound) switching between humdifying and de- humidifying e.g. for use with fans and the possibility to influence the switching of the humidity control. E.g. you can set a value of 15 which means that the humidifier will only start working if the measured humidity is at least 15% below the desired setting (if setting is 70% it will start not before reaching 55%). This can make sense to prevent the humidifier to turn on and off in quick cycles. The humidity also varies in nature. Devices to be controlled are installed through a Schuko coupling. The maximum load is 1000W. The display constantly shows the measured humidity.The humidity setting can be chosen between 1% and 99%.