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LR Dark Spot 100W HDS-100


HEAT Dark Spot emit infrared radiation which heat animals and cage furniture from within. These ceramic heat emitters are excellent for creating hot spots in parts of the terrarium. Like in nature the heat is coming from the ceiling and recreates natural conditions for the animals inside the terrarium. For this reason we also recommend to combine the Dark Spot heat emitters with normal spot lamps as animals normally associate light with heat. HEAT Dark Spot ceramic heat emitters can be used in standard E27 porcelain sockets (e.g. Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket) and last up to 8000 hours. Ceramic heat emitters are ideal for heating larger terrariums thanks to their economic efficiency and their flexible application. It is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 40cm to the animals. As a special feature this heat emitter will turn from yellow to orange-red when it is heating to allow an easy control of its function.