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ET Cascade Hi Perform Pump Filter PT3590


The Exo Terra Cascade is a high performance submersible pump with filter specifically designed to create waterfalls or cascading streams up to a maximum height of 70 (180cm). The Exo Terra Cascade enables you to implement your own creative ideas and designs in the construction of a waterfall or water course in your terrarium. The extreme pump height of 70 or 180cm allows you to create a large single step waterfall flowing from the top of your terrarium in to a water reservoir below or a multiple step cascade resembling a series of mini waterfalls that descend in to a meandering stream at the bottom of the terrarium. You can also use the Cascade High Performance Pump to pump water to the top of the terrarium to constantly irrigate the terrarium background creating a perfect environment for all kinds of lichen and mosses ferns vines bromeliads orchids and epiphytic plants. An eye-pleasing waterfall or cascading creek in your terrarium is not only esthetic and relaxing for the observer it also contributes to the environment's overall humidity level. Many reptiles and amphibians enjoy the humid microclimate in the direct vicinity of the cascade or stream to soak up moisture.