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ET Basking Lamp Terrarium Fixture PT2240


The Exo Terra® Terrarium Fixture adds a whole new level to terrarium lighting fixtures. The Exo Terra® Terrarium Fixture directs the light and heat downwards to create the perfect basking spot for your reptiles. The adjustable bracket allows you to swivel the fixture from left to right to direct the heat radiation to the preferred basking area in your terrarium. The fixture can be moved up or down to adjust the distance between the basking spot bulb and your pet reptile in order to regulate the temperature of the basking area. Stylish design safety and ease of use were emphasized during the creation of this state-of-the-art fixture. Simply stick the selfadhesive support-bracket to the terrarium glass and the fixture is ready-for-use. With its modern looks the Exo Terra® Terrarium Fixture integrates easily into any living room. LENGTH OF FIXTURE 10CM. DIAMETRE IS 4.25INCH