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ECO Red-footed Tortoises in Captivity


Red-footed Tortoises (Chelonoidis carbonaria) have been popular tortoises in the pet industry for decades.  These medium-sized tortoises are not only beautiful and hardy but they are also one of the most personable tortoises being kept in captivity.  They are native to South America and thrive in a variety of habitats. Amanda Ebenhack has been keeping and breeding Red-footed tortoises for many years.  She is a permitted wildlife rehabilitator in Florida and she specializes in tortoises.  Ebenhack is also a member of Turtle Homes Rescue and the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group and she is the president of the Central Florida Wildlife Center. In REDFOOTS IN CAPTIVITY Ebenhack will show readers how to properly care for Red-footed and Yellow-footed Tortoises.  By offering attractive enclosure ideas plans for a correct and varied diet advice on captive breeding and health care tips she will help readers keep their tortoises healthy and happy for years to come.