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ZM Reptisun UVB LED 9w


The boldest and most advanced UVB lighting is here. The ReptiSun?« UVB/LED is the first of its kind full spectrum light for reptiles and amphibians. It uses LED technology that until now has never been possible to use with pets. ItÔÇÖs packed with powerful UVB diodes that create usable wavelengths up to 40 inches away. It also includes bright 6500k white light LEDs and a centrally mounted UVA diode to complete full spectrum output. Besides using far less energy than any other comparable UVB source the ReptiSun?« UVB/LED lasts an extremely long time; it emits usable levels of UVB for up to 4 years. Invest in your petÔÇÖs health and happiness with the most valuable piece of equipment their home needs: the ReptiSun?« UVB/LED.