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RS D3 UV Basking Lamp Nano - 70w


All Reptile Systems Mercury Vapour lamps pass through the Reptile Systems unique triple quality check to ensure UVI output performs at the highest standards on every lamp sold. WeÔÇÖre so confident in our quality weÔÇÖre the only reptile brand on the market to show our UVI output on all packaging. Provides UVB UVA visible light & Infrared (heat) energy from a single lamp. 35 degree beam angle for wide basking area. Average life 3000 hours. No external ballast required. Important for reptiles development and health. Aids the synthesis of Vitamin D3. Helps prevent metabolic bone disease. Stimulates reproduction. UVI Output: 2.7 - Measured at 30cm distance without reflector after 6 months use.