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Repashy Superfoods Fig Frenzy SPRING 170g


Fig Frenzy is Repashy’s latest seasonal gecko blend and a very unique and different formula. As you know Repashy is renowned for pioneering the use of new novel ingredients in reptile feeds. We were the first company in the world to produce a commercial diet using insect meal (black soldier fly larvae). This time we are circling back and formulating something old but making it new again. In 2018 Repashy started sourcing Hormel Chicken Broth to use as a source of protein. Chicken broth is 94% protein which is as high or higher than protein isolates such as those from Whey Soy and others. Chicken broth is full of flavor and as those who have ever had a bowl of chicken broth or added it to a soup can attest a little goes a long way. We first brought in this raw material to create our Omnivore Gel formula “Repashy Chicken Pot Pie” which was a meaty omnivore formula. We then added it to our existing “Repashy Meat Pie” gel formula to enhance palatability for carnivores. ….. After several years of success and further testing our sights turned back to our gecko diet formulas. In the infancy of keeping Rhacodactylus in captivity (around 1995) and before the development of commercial diets Allen Repashy was home brewing formulas using meat and fruit baby foods as a base. The typical ratio was three parts fruit baby food and one part meat baby food usually turkey or chicken. . It was undeniable that this blend was well relished by the geckos and it soon became the starting point of custom and eventually commercial diets. As diets became more commercial chicken protein (whi