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ProBugs 10 PACK Eco Fresh Dubia Cockroach 5pcs

Scientific name: Blaptica Dubia Description: Eco-Fresh Dubia Roaches are our most popular insect. They are very nutritious as they have a high meat to shell ratio. Many geckos and dragon breeders tell us they use Dubia to fatten up their animals.High in protein great in building body mass. · Convenient serving size · Vacuum sealed to preserve moisture and flavour · As nutritious as live foods · Organically farmed raised-all natural without preservatives Sealed each pouch has an 18 month shelf life at room temperature. Opened each pouch is good for 5 days in the refrigerator Recommended for: · Arowana Fish · Sugar gliders · Bearded dragons · Reptiles · Amphibians · Arachnids · Birds · Fish · Small Animals Quantity 5 pieces per pouch Ingredients Dubia Cockroach water Guaranteed Analysis Protein (min) 18.5% Fat (min) 9.5% Fiber (max) 7.0% Moisture (max) 64.0% Phosphorus (min) 0.2% Calcium (min) 0.1%