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MK STARTER Misting System v5.0


Starter Misting System - 5th generation MistKing misting systems are renowned for their high quality and impeccable reliability making them a popular choice for ZooÔÇÖs private hobbyists and botanical gardens around the world. Perfect for Amphibians Chameleons and Bio-active planted enclosures. The 5th generation of the Mistking provides exceptional performance with a robust pump and improved seconds timer to ensure reliable misting when it is needed. Being a modular system allows for further customisation offering a flexible approach to a hobbyists growing collection. The 5th generation starter Misting System is designed to act as a starting point for customization or to be used on a small scale the way it is. Complete with 1 fine mist spray nozzle robust pump that can support up to 10 spray nozzles 15ft of ??ÔÇØ tubing and the Mistking seconds digital timer. ÔÇó 24V DC misting pump ÔÇó Pump power adapter ÔÇó 1 Value L misting assembly ÔÇó Reservoir bulkhead with O-ring and plug ÔÇó 15 feet of 1/4ÔÇØ black opaque tubing ÔÇó Digital Seconds Timer ST24 - with instructions ÔÇó 5 tubing clips with screws ÔÇó Reference manual