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Mega Ray 275w mercury vapour E27 - PAR38


This lamp is Mega-Ray's 275 watt SB Par-38 Narrow Flood Lamp which produces more UVB and UVA than a standard Mega-Ray?« 100 & 160 watt lamp along with more heat and can therefore be used at greater recommended distances. Mega-Ray?« SB 275-watt narrow-flood is a 275-watt Self Ballasted Par-38 True Frosted Flood Lamp. A true flood lamp it will disperse usable UVB in a 30 circumference at a 34 distance. MINIMUM distance setting of 34 will produce approximately 150-200 microwatts per square centimeter (uW/cm2) of UVB and 900-1200uW/cm2 of UVA. MAXIMUM distance setting of 46 will produce approximately 50-75 microwatts per square centimeter (uW/cm2) of UVB. (Distance is measured from lamp face to basking spot or reptile for optimum UVB and heat.)